​Tindall Exteriors is an idea that was conceived many years ago by founder Paul Tindall while working all around the St. Louis area putting blood, sweat, and tears into thousands of roofs across the metro.  Paul began roofing in the spring of 1976 working for a local St. Louis County Company. His hard work and dedication soon led him to the position of crew foreman. For more than 20 years he and his crew continued working diligently in the actual labor of roofing. During those years, when work began to get slow, he would find himself performing many siding jobs as well.

Day after day he would work long hours to make sure that he was putting on the best roof possible for every homeowner. Every contractor he worked for through the years knew that he did a great job and took a lot of pride in his work. He would always stand behind his own work. When there was a problem on a job, he would always personally go back out and fix it himself. He literally was their "warranty program". 

At the turn of the century he realized more and more that his hard work and effort needed to be used to promote himself and his family, not just the companies that he helped build a great reputation for in the St. Louis area. In the spring of 2001 the opportunity came. A major hailstorm hit the north St. Louis region causing catastrophic damage. Finally the time came for Paul to transition from "Crew Boss" to "Contractor". Neither he nor anyone else knew that it would be so hard. Why was it so hard you ask? Not because he wasn't capable, but because his love for the labor of roofing ran so deep. He couldn't stand to put down the pouch and watch someone else do the job that he was so great at. For the next few years he wrestled between contracting and laboring in the field. In either case, the homeowner was always the winner because he would approach each job with professionalism that he had used while roofing for the past 30 years.

It was during this transition that his son Paul Jr. and wife Kimberly came on board in the venture to help go after the dream of a "real" family owned and operated exteriors business. Paul Tindall Enterprises, L.L.C. was formed in early 2007, out of which Tindall Exteriors a Eureka roofing company, Springfield roofing and St. Louis roofing company was born. Now along with his wife, sons, and his daughters, Paul spends every day overseeing roofing, siding, and exterior projects all around Missouri, focusing on the St. Louis and Springfield areas in what is a truly family owned and operated business.

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